SLATEC Mathematical Library v4.1

for the GNU Fortran G77 port to Win32

Binaries and documentation

The Fortran sources are available from any Netlib mirror site. SLATEC is a large (902 user-callable routines) general purpose mathematical library, created by the American National Laboratories (Los Alamos, Lawrence Livermore, NIST, Oak Ridge, Sandia etc.), thus one may safely assume that it contains everything that's likely to be needed in a research environment. The library itself is composed by a selection of routines normally found scattered in many other packages, such as BLAS, LINPACK, EISPACK, SLAP, FFTPACK, FISHPACK, LLSQ, MINPACK, MP, PCHIP, QUADPACK and SPLPACK. Extensive HTML-formatted documentation of the SLATEC routines is available courtesy of Mr Chris Stoughton of Fermilab. The documentation files are gathered together in a ZIP archive (see below), thus the user can install these in a suitable directory and access the routine descriptions as local HTML files using any web browser, such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Important Note

Some of the BLAS1 routines in SLATEC have been replaced by the fast (Pentium-optimized, assembly language coded ) routines of Dr Manuel Kessler. This results in a considerable speedup in many critical operations, such as vector dot products. This, in turn, speeds up many common tasks that depend on these optimized routines (e.g., the solution of large systems of linear equations.)

The Library archive

Unzip the archive to extract the file libslatec.a that it contains and place it in the directory containing the libraries in an existing G77 installation (typically that'll be C:\G77\Lib\). The archive also contains the file readme2.txt with basic instructions of use.

The SLATEC Routines Documentation

These are the HTML-formatted SLATEC routine description pages. Unzip the archive in any suitable directory (e.g., C:\G77\SlatecDoc) and open up the (starting) document slatec.html with any web browser like Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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